Best Service We’ve Ever Had

Without doubt, Pam and Paul have given us the best service and support we have had from any trades people. Not only did they replace our bust macerator, they uncovered a much more serious problem with our plumbing. Namely, our soil pipe had – over time – become caked solid with limescale and muck and it was this which had caused our macerator to blow. While our buildings insurance required that we had to consider quotes from several different suppliers, Pam and Paul’s solution was by far the most practical, reliable, offered the most longevity and was economical too. Always available at the end of the phone and often willing to drop by on us in-between appointments, their ongoing support was priceless and armed us with the knowledge to resist short-term ‘cowboy’ fixes. If you could bottle what they have and share it out across all tradespeople, the householders of Britain would be a much happier bunch!

Nick & Debbie, Twickenham