Truly caring and amazing service

To find a plumber quickly at the weekend is difficult but to find  one that exceeds your expectations is rare….

I spoke to Pam first after choosing them due to needing a saniflow engineer for my mums blocked toilet! Unfortunately they couldn’t come but referred me on to help.

Eventually I found another that agreed to come, double the price but needs must. We waited all day and they didn’t turn up!!!

With Sewage about to overflow and a sick mum waiting to be admitted into hospital I started searching again late Saturday night – found another friendly plumber who sadly wasn’t in the area but he referred me on too!

I then got a text from Pam to ask if I’d been let down as the referral was them!!
Even though they’d just step in from holiday and getting ready to drive to London, they said they’d be round first thing in the morning.

Sunday morning it was fixed, Pam gave us loads of advice, her husband was so experienced and it was all sorted and we weren’t ripped off either!

For those reading this review I know it’s a long one but I wanted to share why Acorn
deserve this recommendation.

A compassionate, friendly & professional service – my mum, an OAP, even paid a little extra so they could have a beer on Monday!! Sweet!

Thank you Acorn.

Georgia Kew leicester