Water leaks no longer frighten me!

The only part of my rented property I manage is the plumbing, simply because I have Pam & Paul I can call on should I have any problems, large or small. I had a leak from an unknown source in a basement bedroom, as the property is rented I am unaware when any works are carried out on the street. Pam advised me that a new water main had recently been fitted on the street and this could be the cause of the problem (too much pressure). After their initial callout they decided to monitor the leak before doing any work (work which would have involved exposing pipes behind walls), on their 2nd visit they informed me that the leak appeared to have stopped, and this must be because the initial burst of pressure from the new water main must have eased off, therefore eradicating the leak. I know many plumbers who would not have even known about the main being fitted, and would also never even considered that as the cause of the problem. Anyone else I’m certain, the wall would have been ripped off……. along with me! If you call on these guys expect the best possible service, no time wasting and no dodgy ‘costs added on’, if they can save you unnecessary costs they will, not like most cowboys out there. Many Thanks once Again

Endy Powar