Thank You So Much Pam and Paul!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Pam and Paul from

We have a baby in the house and my wife flushed a baby wipe down our main Saniflo toilet by mistake. Blocked toilet + Covid19 = Horror

 I called around 10 companies this morning only for all of them to turn us down and one person said he’d charge an extra £100 due to the virus!

This is where Pam and Paul came to our rescue. Pam was incredibly prompt and advised us most blockages can be cleared ourselves and some recent models are easier to access. Pam asked us to send over a few photos and arranged a call with Paul to walk us through the entire process. They were both informative and knew exactly what went where. Once we removed the blockage and put everything back in place, Pam gave us some great tips and guidance in prolonging the life of our system. We will never look elsewhere for our Saniflo maintenance. 

 You both are our heroes during this tough time and we seriously can’t thank you enough. Absolute stars who saved our family and new born baby during a pandemic while the entire nation is in isolation. 

 Thank you again.

 Krish Pattni