Fantastic service on Easter Sunday

Like many people, we inherited our SaniPlus on purchasing our first house and had read nothing but horror stories online since discovering what it was. When our system blocked and backed up into the bath last Saturday, I didn’t have a clue what to do. After a, frankly, disgraceful response from the ‘recommended’ Saniflo engineer I found this site and got in contact. Pam and Paul came out on Easter Sunday, which I never expected and delivered a quality of service more expected of a 5* hotel than macerator servicing. They arrived on time, did a very thorough job and, considering the task, were very clean and tidy. I now have what seems like a new macerator. Where a shower would usually result in pumping water every 20 seconds, it’s now every couple of minutes, as the unit is clean! Pam and Paul were happy to share their knowledge and I have a new confidence in the system. I have the right cleaning solutions and generally know how to maintain a reliable unit (which it must be, as estimates suggest mine is 15 years old!). What’s more, despite having no responsibility for the current installation, Paul didn’t like the look of a connecting pipe, so replaced this with the correct piece for no additional cost. All in all, a great service, I would recommend Pam and Paul to anyone and I will definitely be coming back to them for a 2-yearly service, or new install if I want a newer, quieter model. Thanks!