Excellent Support and Advice!

I called Acorn Plumbing when my Sanifo stopped working. I had excellent support and advice throughout my dealings with them, firstly from Matthew who came out promptly. He accurately confirmed the pipe blockage but he couldn’t clear it because of hidden suspected faulty fittings that could be causing limescale build-up and might blow with the power of his machine.

Then Pam (in Acorn’s office) helped by encouraging and guiding my handyman over the phone to remove boxing &¬†correctly open the fittings,¬† find the limescale blockage, and replace the fittings with the correct ones that Pam recommended. All well now!

I also have been given advice about using Saniflo descaling liquid regularly in future and where to get it. Thank you Acorn Plumbing! Kathy Pierce.