Claire Summers – London

I found your company by doing a Google search for “Saniflo engineers in my area.”
I requested a call-back by completing a quick online form and Matt called me within the hour, I explained the problem and he arranged for an engineer to visit.
I was prepared to wait several days because it wasn’t an emergency – but I was offered an appointment for the very next day due to the engineers in my area having a cancellation.

Two engineers attended – a lovely husband and wife team.
They found and fixed the problem with no fuss (a friend who had visited my house had attempted to flush a tampon) and dealt with it.
Also they explained something which I had not been told when I bought the new Saniflo unit a couple of years ago: that normal bleach and toilet cleaning products are not suitable for Saniflo toilets because they can corrode the seals, which drastically shortens the lifespan of the system. I was very grateful to learn this because a new unit is not cheap! So it was almost worth the tampon incident to learn this, and I will be buying the recommended eco cleaning product today!

The price was reasonable and in addition to the offending blockage being removed, I feel reassured that everything is properly clean, serviced and in tip top working order now!

Definitely recommend your team for other people, thank you for doing a great job.